From its inception to finalization, the design of the TAAP Toolkit and Guide for Inclusive Development entailed extensive consultation with numerous gender and development practitioners and technical advisors. These consultations revealed that while there is genuine enthusiasm and interest among NGOs, donors, foundations, and others to use the TAAP Toolkit and Guide for Inclusive Development and other social inclusion resources, our priorities must also include capacity-building opportunities around inclusion issues, establishing a systematic approach for using those resources effectively, and building an evidence base for best practices.

Our successful collaboration with partners and other members working in international development led us to create a space where this work can take place—a community of practice designed for practitioners, organizations, policyholders, and individuals around the world  to:

  • Create a commonly agreed-upon interagency learning agenda on gender and social inclusion
  • Promote learning among TAAP CoP members, by sharing and documenting best practices, achievements, lessons, and challenges when incorporating gender and social inclusion in development projects
  • Strengthen the evidence base and demonstrate the extent to which gender and social inclusion contribute toward achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

As we collaborated with local and international organizations, we found that some had advanced experience in integrating gender and social inclusion in their work, while others are making the initial steps toward it. Regardless of their experience, most expressed a shared interest to engage in an informal learning space where they can safely share their challenges, achievements, and questions; learn from each other’s experiences and expertise; and explore ways to improve their programs.

We believe a community of practice is the most suitable mechanism for this purpose, since it brings together a group of committed practitioners with a shared sense of purpose who work together to solve problems, share knowledge, cultivate best practices, and foster innovation.

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World Learning is a community of practice for social inclusion.

World Learning has had various, in-depth consultations with all TAAP Toolkit partners, donors, consultants, and others who contributed to creating the TAAP resources and can easily convene such a group with the contacts made throughout that process. World Learning is the founding organization of the TAAP Initiative, co-authored the TAAP Toolkit and Guide for Inclusive Development, and coordinates the TAAP Tuesday newsletter with its partners. As a result, World Learning is recognized for its thought leadership in this area.