Welcome to the Inclusion Hub, where inclusion experts can find useful resources to promote social inclusion in their own environments. Here you will find the most up-to-date TAAP Initiative resources such as the Global Snapshots, Scenarios, Community of Practice, TAAP Tuesday newsletter, additional TAAP activities and industry resources.

Global Snapshots: A collection of resources illustrating global trends related to the current state of various identity groups.

Scenarios: Real-life stories about what happens when organizations apply the TAAP Approach and TAAP resources to their work in the field.

TAAP Community of Practice: A group of committed practitioners, organizations, and policymakers with a shared sense of purpose who come together to solve problems, share knowledge, cultivate best practices, and innovate to advance social inclusion in development projects and our lives.

TAAP Tuesday Newsletter: A monthly newsletter featuring updates on the TAAP Initiative, examples of inclusive program design, and what’s new in inclusive development. The newsletter serves hundreds of practitioners, organizations, policymakers, and funders.

TAAP Additional Activities: Interested in more TAAP activities? This is where we are adding and updating activities based on the use of the TAAP Toolkit around the world.